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Contact us for more information regarding 2016 fresh hop availability.

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Maine Grown Hops

Supporting New England’s Craft Brewers

We love hops. We grow hops with a passion for their dynamic range of flavors and aroma, and focus on the potential for Maine’s soil and climate to accentuate these points of sensory. Interested in how Maine hops can become part of your brew schedule? We can help.

Fresh Hops – 2016 Harvest

Fresh hops are undried, unprocessed hops that are to be used immediately after harvest. We offer fresh hops throughout our harvest window, which it typically the first two weeks of September. Contact us for more information.

Spot Orders & Contracts Available

Offering A West Coast Farm-Direct Portfolio

The Hop Yard has partnered with Crosby Hops to offer a wide range of spot and contract options. Contact us today for a full spot list, or to discuss how we can help you secure hops for years to come.

A Community Partner

  • Maine Brewers Guild – Allied Partner
  • Maine Licensed Producer and Dealer of Nursery Stock
  • North East Hop Alliance Member