We have started taking orders for 2017 fresh hops. Contact us at sales@thehopyard.com for pricing and ordering. Harvest fresh hops undergo no processing so they must be utilized promptly after harvest. We work closely with brewers to coordinate deliveries and ensure they are provided with the freshest possible hop.

Harvest Timing

Harvest timing is based on growing conditions and variety. We work to communicate anticipated harvest dates throughout the year, but historical numbers have us harvesting most varieties between 8/26 – 9/20.

Pickup At The Farm

For our Maine grown hops we require encourage brewers to coordinate pickup at our Gorham farm during harvest time. This will get you the freshest possible hops and avoid the overnight shipping charge that would otherwise be incurred, while also simplifying our logistics during the busiest time of the year.

Varieties Available

  • Nugget
  • Cascade
  • Willamette
  • Sterling

Ordering Details

  • Orders must be made in 10 pound increments, with a minimum order of 20 pounds
  • We require fresh hop be picked up at our Gorham farm
  • Harvest dates are a factor of weather and variety and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Buyers will be notified 72 hours prior to harvest.
  • Orders of multiple varieties will likely not be available at the same time due to harvest timing.

Home Brewers

Look for your fresh hops at Maine Brewing Supply on Forest Ave in Portland. We aren’t currently able to offer orders less then 20lbs at this time.