2017 Wet Hop Beer List

  • Rising Tide – Maine Harvest
  • Bissell Brothers – Wet Hop / Agronomics
  • Tributary – Maine Indigenous Hop Harvest
  • UFF
  • Foul Mouthed
  • Tuckermen – Fall Line
  • Bunker – Green Mind
  • 7th Settlement
  • Fore River
  • Sebago Brewing – Local Harvest
  • Great Rhythm – Nugz
  • Island Dog
  • Battle Road
  • Austin Street

Today we release PINE TREE AGRONOMICS, an IPA produced with 100% Maine farm products, a VERY exciting first for the company! This 7.5% IPA was made with 2-row from @mainemalthouse, and flaked oats & wheat from @mainegrains . Cascade and Nugget hops were grown exclusively by @thehopyard, with large amounts of wet hops used on brew day, and a wet hop / pellet mix used for the dry hop. It was then refermented with @sawyersmaple syrup to produce a calculated natural carbonation! The taste and feel is pillowy soft and satisfying, with huge citrus hits and subtle maple undertones. We are so proud of this and hope you enjoy it! 250 cases Pine Tree Agronomics @ $17/4pk, 3 4pk pp. 75 cases Nothing Gold @ $17/4pk, 3 4pk pp. 70 cases Substance @ $13/4pk, 2 4pk pp. Seed glassware still available, and 11 awesome taps! 11am cans-only, 12-8pm full service. #bissellbrothers

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We had an amazing morning with our friend up at @thehopyard harvesting some wet Nugget hops for this years Nugz brew. This beer is one of our favorites of the year. It’s amazing to think how many hands play a part in making a beer like this. From fieldwork in the hop yard in early spring to picking the hops at their peak of freshness to brewing the beer. This is certainly an all hands on deck kinda brew that starts well before the actual brew day. We think it’s totally worth it!! After a long but rewarding day this farm to table style wet hopped IPA is finally in the fermenter. Stay tuned for this years Nugz release date. We’re pretty excited to share this one with you. #greatrhythmbrewing #drinkgreatbeer #craftbeer #craftcans #wethop #nugz

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@noahbissell focusing in on some of those Maine-based ingredients. #mainegrown #mainebeer #thehopyard #hops

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Hooligans in the Hop Yard. #thehopyard #wethop #bissellbrothers

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We bout to dry hop the fuck outta this #LocalHarvest. Thanks @thehopyard 🙌

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Dreaming about all the wet hopped beers coming from @thehopyard

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2016 Fresh Hop Beer List

  • Tributary
  • 7th Settlement – BeerME
  • Austin Street – Half Light
  • Tuckermans Brewing – Fall Line
  • Urban Farm Fermentory
  • Mast Landing – Maine Wet Hop Pale
  • Rising Tide – Wet
  • Bunker Brewing
  • Sebago – Local Harvest
  • Liquid Riot
  • Foul Mouthed
  • Great Rhythm
  • Fore River

A different perspective from our day at The Hop Yard last week. #greatrhythmbrewing #drinkgreatbeer #craftbeer #hops #beer #newengland

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Dreaming of #localharvest16. #sebagobrewing #mainebeer #thewayhopsshouldbe

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I really wish you could smell these! WOW! #freshbeer #freshhops #craftbeer #drinkgreatbeer #greatrhythmbrewing A photo posted by Great Rhythm Brewing (@greatrhythmbrewing) on

Wet hop. Freshly harvested in Gorham, Maine. #cantwait #october #portland #beeradvocate #maine A photo posted by Liquid Riot Bottling Co. (@liquid_riot) on

@amessyman is beyond excited for today’s #localharvest16 brew day! #thewayhopsshouldbe @thehopyard

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Super fresh hops cut, picked, and delivered in roughly 2 hours straight from @thehopyard! Already into #LocalHarvest2016 A photo posted by Sebago Brewing Company (@sebagobrewing) on

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Hoppy days are here again!! Thank you @thehopyard for growing such beautiful Cascades! #drinklocalbeer A photo posted by Tributary Brewing (@tributarybrewing) on

2015 Beer List

  • Tributary – Maine Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Great Rhythm – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Tuckermans – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Hobbs Brewing Company – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Bunker Brewing – Green Mind (fresh hops)
  • Allagash Brewing – Sixteen Counties (fresh hops)
  • Austin Street – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Liquid Riot – Wet Hopped COPA (fresh hops)
  • Rising Tide – LocalTide #1

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2014 Fresh Hop Beer List

During our 2014 harvest The Hop Yard provided 15 Maine based breweries with fresh local hops. Below is a list of the beers those hops ended up in. The list will grow as the beers get named and release. Go drink some!

Monhegan Brewing Company – Island Farm Double IPA

Double IPA, wet-hopped with freshly harvested hops Aroostook county and Monhegan Island Farm.

Sebago Brewing Company – Local Harvest

Local from top to tail, this annual staple is now brewed with hops grown only miles away from the Gorham brewery. Get more info.

Hidden Cove – Harvest Bounty

Harvest Bounty is an ISA, 4 % ABV loaded with wet hops. Nugget hops from Gorham, and 15% brewery grown hops as well. Loaded with flavor, it’s best of both worlds, all the flavor and only 4 % alcohol.

Bunker Brewing – Green Mind

A wet hopped wheat pale ale.

Rising Tide – Wet

A local harvest “pilsen-ale” brewed with pilsner malt and rice, and hopped exclusively with Maine-grown wet Sterling, Willamette, and Nugget hops grown at The Hop Yard. Think pre-prohibition pilsner fermented with ale yeast. Herbal, spicy, with a hint of citrus. Delightful

Foundation – Local Harvest Saison

A wet-hopped local harvest saison, juicy orange and tropical saison notes.

Austin Street – 100% Brett Fermented Pale Ale

The tropical fruit flavors from this brett strain are complemented nicely by the grapefuity, grassy flavor of the Cascade wet hops.

Allagash – Sixteen Counties

A fresh hop beer brewed with oats, wheat and specialty malt then fermented with Brettanomyces.

Boothbay Craft Brewing – Wet Hop Dream

A 6.2% abv all-American wet hopped IPA brewed with Maine grown cascade & centennial hops. Mild herb & floral aromas with a nice clean true hop bitterness to balance out the barley malt bill.

Bissell Brothers – Wet-Hop

Traditional APA with 100% Maine fresh hops.

In’finiti – Harvest Rye

Hoppy, dark amber in color with a high proportion of rye malt. Loads of fresh picked wet hops.

Oxbow – Harvest

Wet-hopped saison with local hops, local spelt, wheat, oats and English page malt.

Tributary – Hop Harvest

Wet hopped ESB w/ fresh Centennial from WA in the boil and dry hopped with hops from The Hop Yard.

Banded Horn – Reticulating Bines

Wet-hopped 4% American Pale Ale.

Shipyard – Wet Hop Rye IPA