2016 Fresh Hop Beer List

  • Tributary
  • 7th Settlement – BeerME
  • Austin Street – Half Light
  • Tuckermans Brewing – Fall Line
  • Urban Farm Fermentory
  • Mast Landing – Maine Wet Hop Pale
  • Rising Tide – Wet
  • Bunker Brewing
  • Sebago – Local Harvest
  • Liquid Riot
  • Foul Mouthed
  • Great Rhythm
  • Fore River

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Wet hop. Freshly harvested in Gorham, Maine. #cantwait #october #portland #beeradvocate #maine A photo posted by Liquid Riot Bottling Co. (@liquid_riot) on

@amessyman is beyond excited for today’s #localharvest16 brew day! #thewayhopsshouldbe @thehopyard

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Super fresh hops cut, picked, and delivered in roughly 2 hours straight from @thehopyard! Already into #LocalHarvest2016 A photo posted by Sebago Brewing Company (@sebagobrewing) on

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Hoppy days are here again!! Thank you @thehopyard for growing such beautiful Cascades! #drinklocalbeer A photo posted by Tributary Brewing (@tributarybrewing) on

2015 Beer List

  • Tributary – Maine Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Great Rhythm – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Tuckermans – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Hobbs Brewing Company – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Bunker Brewing – Green Mind (fresh hops)
  • Allagash Brewing – Sixteen Counties (fresh hops)
  • Austin Street – Harvest Ale (fresh hops)
  • Liquid Riot – Wet Hopped COPA (fresh hops)
  • Rising Tide – LocalTide #1

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2014 Fresh Hop Beer List

During our 2014 harvest The Hop Yard provided 15 Maine based breweries with fresh local hops. Below is a list of the beers those hops ended up in. The list will grow as the beers get named and release. Go drink some!

Monhegan Brewing Company – Island Farm Double IPA

Double IPA, wet-hopped with freshly harvested hops Aroostook county and Monhegan Island Farm.

Sebago Brewing Company – Local Harvest

Local from top to tail, this annual staple is now brewed with hops grown only miles away from the Gorham brewery. Get more info.

Hidden Cove – Harvest Bounty

Harvest Bounty is an ISA, 4 % ABV loaded with wet hops. Nugget hops from Gorham, and 15% brewery grown hops as well. Loaded with flavor, it’s best of both worlds, all the flavor and only 4 % alcohol.

Bunker Brewing – Green Mind

A wet hopped wheat pale ale.

Rising Tide – Wet

A local harvest “pilsen-ale” brewed with pilsner malt and rice, and hopped exclusively with Maine-grown wet Sterling, Willamette, and Nugget hops grown at The Hop Yard. Think pre-prohibition pilsner fermented with ale yeast. Herbal, spicy, with a hint of citrus. Delightful

Foundation – Local Harvest Saison

A wet-hopped local harvest saison, juicy orange and tropical saison notes.

Austin Street – 100% Brett Fermented Pale Ale

The tropical fruit flavors from this brett strain are complemented nicely by the grapefuity, grassy flavor of the Cascade wet hops.

Allagash – Sixteen Counties

A fresh hop beer brewed with oats, wheat and specialty malt then fermented with Brettanomyces.

Boothbay Craft Brewing – Wet Hop Dream

A 6.2% abv all-American wet hopped IPA brewed with Maine grown cascade & centennial hops. Mild herb & floral aromas with a nice clean true hop bitterness to balance out the barley malt bill.

Bissell Brothers – Wet-Hop

Traditional APA with 100% Maine fresh hops.

In’finiti – Harvest Rye

Hoppy, dark amber in color with a high proportion of rye malt. Loads of fresh picked wet hops.

Oxbow – Harvest

Wet-hopped saison with local hops, local spelt, wheat, oats and English page malt.

Tributary – Hop Harvest

Wet hopped ESB w/ fresh Centennial from WA in the boil and dry hopped with hops from The Hop Yard.

Banded Horn – Reticulating Bines

Wet-hopped 4% American Pale Ale.

Shipyard – Wet Hop Rye IPA