Hop Updates

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2016 Pellets – Available Now

2016 harvest has completed, and we have fresh pellets available. Available in 11#, and 44# nitrogen flushed mylar bags. Order Now or get more info. 

Your West Coast Connection

Crosby-Hop-Farm_Hop-Cluster-LogoIn addition to growing 10 acres of Maine hops we offer farm direct sales with Crosby Hop Farm, a fifth generation grower located in Oregon. Offering spot and contract sales, Crosby Hop Farm is regarded as one of the country’s premier growers and we are proud to offer their product to our clients. For more information regarding spot availability contact us and refer to the current spot list.

Maine Grown Hops

As the largest hop grower in the state of Maine we specialize in working with North East brewers to provide hops of the highest quality. We encourage brewers to visit our yards and get to know the product we offer. If you’d like to learn more about how your brewery can work with The Hop Yard, contact us today.